Anne Articles finds creative inspiration in the calming beauty of nature surrounding her home on the Bellarine Peninsula.

The environment provides daily gifts of ever-changing skies, forms, colours, textures and unexpected treasures on the shoreline or in the garden.

Anne also draws on a wide range of life experiences having lived in Singapore and Hong Kong for a number of years while working in International School Settings.

As a life long student of art and a long term educator herself, Anne enjoys constantly expanding her exploration of a variety of themes and techniques. Her works range from small watercolour and ink investigations on paper, to larger acrylic canvases and mixed media/collage pieces. Local flora and fauna are common themes as they provide opportunities to investigate rich colour and detail.

Anne’s portraits combine watercolour/acrylic and collage detail sharing greater insight into the person as more than a subject.

Her love of poetry and vintage ephemera provides inspiration for small works created in vintage tins and boxes.

Bachelor of Art/Teaching
Bachelor Of Teaching Early Childhood
Macquarie Uni NSW​

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